About The Farmer’s Wife

Literally, a farmer’s wife is someone married to a farmer, who likely juggles many tasks and wears many hats, relying on her own resourcefulness much of the time.

We take that as our starting point and expand on it: It’s about being resourceful — not just making lemonade out of lemons, but also making a lemon curd, lemon tart, grating the zest to freeze for future use and composting what’s left. In today’s world, we are constantly juggling priorities and in many ways we need to step back. Back to simplicity, to focusing on our basic health needs and those of our families.

My mother was a flight attendant based in New York in the ‘60s; a glam hair piece and faux eyelashes were her everyday norm. Then she met my father and moved to the North Island’s Kaingaroa Forest in the early ‘70s. As a child, I remember her recalling  the time that my dad dropped by the house with a hogget carcass, left it on the bench and returned to work. She hadn’t a clue what to do with it, so hacked it into “roasts” and popped them into the deep freeze before blowflies could set in. That’s a farmer’s wife move. And though my dad wasn’t a farmer, it’s the type of mentality we appreciate. Quick acting and getting the job done with grace when possible.

I founded The Farmer’s Wife as a way to honour people who want to make the most of a simple life … good, nourishing food, ideas for feeding children and little moments that bring joy into everyday life.

Throughout my career as a journalist, I have always gravitated toward health and food as my favorite topics. (I have a master’s degree in journalism and have worked at some of America’s most well-known publications and continue to write for many of them as well as other international publications. I recently obtained a nutrition diploma as well to broaden my background.) I am a mother, which I consider my most important job but also a way to bring joy into life. And I am a farmer’s wife, both literally and figuratively.

Thank you for visiting. We look forward to seeing you often.