Banana Pancakes

My children eat PILES of these.

We serve them with Greek yogurt; they’re so sweet they don’t need much else.

They are best with overripe bananas (or frozen ones, click here to read more).

banana pancakes recipe

To make 1 serving
1 ripe banana
1 egg
1/2 tsp each vanilla and cinnamon
Coconut oil or butter, for frying

If my mix seems too runny, often the case from using frozen bananas or if the egg is over-whisked, I add a bit of brown rice flour until the consistency looks a bit more solid.
I multiply this recipe pretty heftily, but drop the ratio of eggs to bananas. For instance, to make enough for our Saturday morning needs, I usually use about 7-8 bananas to 3 eggs and double vanilla and cinnamon.

Mash banana in a bowl with a fork, then crack egg in and mix together before mixing through vanilla and cinnamon
Heat coconut oil (or butter) in a frying pan over medium heat
Drop batter into the pan to make large pikelet-size pancakes
Cook until dry on edges and bubbles form, about 3 minutes; flip and cook about two more minutes on other side until lightly browned