Mexican Rice Bowls

My family would gladly eat this every week and though it’s a lot of ingredients, it takes very little time to prepare.

rice bowl 1

Plus, it’s a fantastic way to get a variety of produce in. It’s also a great option for entertaining other families as everyone can make their own and you can add protein (mince, fish) and make a big assemble-your-own bowl bar. Bonus idea: Make rice bowls for the kid’s lunch box.

Assemble a rice bowl with whatever you like—here are some of the things we feature in ours:
Rice, prepared according to packet (I recommend brown for extra nutrition)
Can of black beans, warmed in a bowl for 30 seconds in the microwave
Shredded cheese
Corn (canned if it’s not in season)
Tomatoes, diced
Spring onions or sautéed brown onions
Greek yogurt (subbed for sour cream—you’ll hardly notice a difference!)
Capsicum, diced
Lettuce, kale or spinach, chopped
Fresh coriander
Squeeze of lime
Store-bought chipotle sauce or salsa (or homemade)
If we include a protein, I like chicken mince or white fish, cooked up with a bit of onion, garlic and a seasoning mix of 1 tsp each salt, oregano, coriander, 1/4 tsp each turmeric, cinnamon

Other option: Stuff it all into a tortilla for burrito night

rice bowl 2